As our business grows we are constantly developing and reassessing our practices to achieve the most ethical and sustainable way to produce garments.

This year we achieved certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This means our garments with the GOTS certification are made from organic cotton and are free from chemical intervention.

This is a huge step in the right direction in producing clothing without the same environmental and ecological footprint.

This leaves us with a superior and more natural product for you and the world.

The Standard provides us and you with the certainty that our product adhere to stringent societal and ecological guidelines such as:

- Employment is freely chosen

- Child labour shall never be used

- No kind of discrimination, violence or harassment is tolerated

- Occupational health and safety is held to the highest standard

- Remuneration of the living wage gap is constantly being assessed

- Environmentally hazardous substance are prohibited

- Use of GOTS approved colourants only

- Strict management on material waste

- Technical quality parameters in place for all finished goods

- Clear separation of conventional fibre products and identification of organic fibre products

We are proud to acknowledge that our goods carrying the GOTS certification contain a minimum of 95% organic cotton fibres and have been produced with ethical manufacturing practices.