• Lean back. Breathe in. Let go. Act with the conscious intent that brought you to this exact moment in time. Speak less with words. A garden bed is full of shit, you don’t need to be too. Control is a construct best left to fate. Worry is an employee time clock, and we called in happy. ALL MY FRIENDS ARE FLOWERS, I water them everyday. ALL MY FRIENDS ARE FLOWERS, they water me everyday.
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Born and raised in California, and also a citizen to Germany, Max V is a surfboard shaper and DJ in Los Angeles. When he’s not in the shaping bay, you can find him behind the decks at Gran Blanco or numerous other late night parties around the area. Max has crafted this mix on cassette exclusively for Jungles Jungles titled ‘Safe Trip’ based off our most recent collection. Its a flowing summery sensation channeling a laid back selection of Italo/disco/synth-pop in which the tracks melt into one another seamlessly. 

Turn it up loud, and enjoy this mix by MAX V. And purchase the cassette HERE