• Lean back. Breathe in. Let go. Act with the conscious intent that brought you to this exact moment in time. Speak less with words. A garden bed is full of shit, you don’t need to be too. Control is a construct best left to fate. Worry is an employee time clock, and we called in happy. ALL MY FRIENDS ARE FLOWERS, I water them everyday. ALL MY FRIENDS ARE FLOWERS, they water me everyday.
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#FR2 (Fxxking Rabbits), a provocative Japanese label, is headed by Ryo Ishikawa, an iconic figure in Tokyo’s streetwear scene, renowned for his flagship brand VANQUISH and partnerships with legendary Japanese streetwear personality Hiroshi Fujiwara, forming DENIM by VANQUISH & FRAGMENT. #FR2 blends together the worlds of fashion, design and photography with its range of bold and unorthodox graphic t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories.
We have collaborated with #FR2 on a collection of graphic heavy garments that combine #FR2's sexually charged branding and the subtle comical value of Jungles graphics.
One of #FR2's most recognizable graphics is the “SMOKING KILLS” logo, one that was inspired by Ishikawa’s own journey to quit smoking. Ishikawa was inspired to drop the habit not for health reasons, but apparently because an infamous female figure in Japan told him that if he quit smoking, she'd have sex with him.